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The main goal of this campaign was to make Oakberry's brand communication uniform across all the 4 continents they are present in. Millions of Better Choices refers not only to the millions of possibilities to make your Oak bowl, but also the countless choices we make every day. We believe that a life of good choices is a better life.

Agency: We Are Bob

Client: Oakberry

Year: 2021

Campaign Film

Millions Of Better Choices
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The visual concept was created from Oakberry's own product. The unmistakable Oakberry bowl with its layers of toppings was translated into a design system, where each topping available on the menu was given a color. These colors, when randomly selected, create a pattern with millions of possibilities. Which means that an Oakberry ad will always be unique.



Traditional Granola

Banana & Cocoa Granola

Chestnut & Honey Granola

Cashew Nut

Milk Flour


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Chia Puddin



Nestlé Nido

Condensed Milk

PB & Honey



(Peanut Candy)

Paçoca & Whey Protein

Whey Protein

Almond Butter

Cashew Butter

Goji Berries


Chopped Nuts

OAK Açaí