Hate speech. Thousands of influencers give it a platform, thus unintentionally generating immense reach. 2018, at the peak of social media hate, more than 100 influencers took a stand. They sacrificed their most important currency: their followers. Their communities and other influencers joined in and more than 40.000 posts were created.

The reaction: tens of thousands followers less. An urgently needed debate was launched. Then something surprising happened and the influencers gained 3 times as many new followers. Maybe it’s not the number of followers we should value, but the values of our followers.


ADC Germany 2019 / Gold

ADC Germany 2019 / 3X Silver

ADC Germany 2019 / 5X Bronze

Webby for Good 2019 / Best Use of Social Media

New York Festival 2019 / 2X Gold

Deutschen Digital Award 2019 / Silver

Deutschen Digital Award 2019 / Bronze